Our priority is your complete satisfaction.

At Jag Tech, we believe that the contracting solutions we provide, and the outcomes we deliver for our clients, are at the forefront of the industry – and we’re driven by making customer satisfaction our overall priority.

We embrace new technology the moment it’s field-proven, and are committed to on-going training and upskilling across the business to keep our people at the top of their game. Our areas of speciality are Electrical services; Data, Communication and Fibre; IT services, Roll-outs; and Mobile Booster systems.

Our priority is your complete satisfaction.

Electrical services

Jag Tech undertakes a wide range of small, medium, and large-scale projects for major corporations, building companies and smaller organizations. We work directly with clients, or as a third-party supplier, and offer the following electrical contracting services:

Data, Communication and Fibre

Data and communications systems have been at the core of Jag Tech’s business since our inception. We can design, supply, and install all your data and communication requirements – including (but not limited to) the following:

IT services

Our expert IT specialists provide top-quality contracting solutions to the IT Industry by assisting information technology companies to complete onsite works. We provide the following services within the IT space: 

Jag Tech also provide remote hand services that enable our customers to delegate all or some of their IT management and maintenance tasks to Jag Tech – tailored to your needs. Services include:

Roll Outs

Jag Tech has been providing roll out services for the past five years, with deployment projects across Australia. Jag Tech has recently delivered the following roll out services (and can do much more, subject to your needs):

Mobile Booster systems

Jag Tech is able to provide mobile booster systems from Mobile Repeater for retail sites and large indoor spaces. After working in hundreds of shopping centres and commercial buildings, Jag Tech has developed and works with a range of solutions from Mobile Repeater that optimise cellular coverage in enterprise, business, residential, and transportation settings.

These products are unconditionally network safe, leveraging the IntelliBoost chipset to deliver the industry’s highest gain, at the lowest cost per square metre. Furthermore, all the major Australian carriers have approved Mobile Repeater solutions for use on their mobile networks.

Mobile Repeater Small system

Mobile Repeater Medium system

Mobile Repeater Enterprise system

This solution is designed to boost and improve indoor signal coverage without risk of interference on the mobile network. This is an active DAS hybrid solution for delivering high quality in-building cellular coverage in middle-prise venues. It has been approved by all the major carriers and provides a sophisticated network-safe solution, engineered to deliver multiple levels of network protection.

It combines the best of active DAS and Mobile Repeater technologies that have been widely adopted by carriers around the world. It can be configured with components, for single or multi-carrier environments – and requires a detailed on-site study of the environment to confirm a suitable configuration. It has been approved by all the major carriers and provides a sophisticated network-safe solution, engineered to deliver multiple levels of network protection.

It delivers:
Highest Coverage Gain: With 1000x more gain than the competition, it delivers a stronger signal and provides a larger coverage footprint in environments where the incoming signal is weak, to ensure the strongest possible signal is sent to the inside antennas.